Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Windy day

It's been the windiest day here - not a moment without the trees whipping and lashing across the back of the wet garden, and the roofs of the two little plastic greenhouses making - well that plastic greenhouse noise - all the day.

The cats have been spooked - Figgy hasn't been out all day, and Lulu went out, then hid under the patio table and chairs, which are under a plastic fitted cover, and wouldn't come out. She did eventually, but Jan had to pick her up and carry her inside, as she seemed to have lost all sense of direction in the wind and the horizontal drizzle. Mild, though, unpleasantly mild, mild enough for grim thoughts of global warming...

I pray for enough sense among our governements to act decisively, before this whole climate thing gets to the point that people really start to suffer...

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