Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Be careful of our language and motivation...

 ...is something I have often said here in past posts. 

It also happens to be the title of a post on Malcolm Duncan's excellent blog, where he links to a Faithworks article he wrote on evangelical reactions to the government's proposed Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs). 

In it he links to the Faithworks Press release page - here.

Do please read Malcolm's comments - this is a most important article politically, but far more than that it is an impassioned plea for real Christlikeness. You may or may not agree with his politics, but the way he argues for "an opportunity to demonstrate grace, inclusiveness and love... Christians are called to follow Jesus' example..." is surely beyond question.

Hat tip: I was alerted to the Ekklesia report on this article by Maggi Dawn. (See also Malcolm's own comment on my last post.)

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