Thursday, January 18, 2007

Brother wind!

The weather has gone wild again - BBC Weather reports gusts up to 80mph, and there's been slashing rain most of the morning. Though our little development of 26 houses is quite sheltered, having been built in an old chalk pit, the trees along the top of the bank are lashing crazily, and most of the birds who normally fill our garden have taken cover. One big wood pigeon, though, flew over a few minutes ago, and a little flock of blue and great tits has just arrived from the bushes under the big cedar, and are feasting on peanuts, and a big seed & lard ball that's hanging on the feeder pole.

As you can tell from this post, we've so far been spared any problems with the electricity and internet connections, which is nice, especially as we've no gas, and no fireplaces, in these houses!

I pray God will protect those on the exposed coasts today, anyone out on the sea, and those in places in danger from flooding... from here in the warmth and peace, with the cats curled up on the bed asleep, it's hard to imagine how grim it's going to be for some of us...

Be praised , my Lord, for brother wind
and by air and clouds, clear skies and all weathers,
by which you give sustenance to your creatures.

(Francis of Assisi - from The Canticle of the Creatures)

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