1) We are all connected.

I am sitting at my computer and all's well, until an old friend on the other side of the world gets a virus in his computer. Because my name appears in his address book, I become a victim as the virus enters his computer and sends itself to his entire list. So, I get the virus just because he did.

In a similar way, we each have souls all over the world to whom we are connected. Every soul has a soul family, a group of souls that come from the same soul root. When I am down, I can drag my soul brothers and sisters down with me. And if I am inspired, I may shoot a sudden burst of inspiration to someone on the other side of the world.

2) No act is insignificant.

When I see a strange email in my inbox, I have a choice to make. With one click I can delete it and avoid the inconvenience of an infected computer. But a click on the attachment, even by accident, can cause an avalanche of destruction. It was just one little click, but the results were enormous.

So often, it's little acts that are the most powerful. A friendly word to a stranger or a phone call to a friend just to say hello can impact someone's life in ways we can't imagine.

3) One person can change the world.

Every virus starts with one idiot. Someone somewhere has nothing better to do than engage in virtual vandalism. One person's destructive plan can affect millions the world over.

We sometimes feel that our petty little lives are insignificant in the whole scheme of things. In such a vast universe, what difference do I make? The computer virus teaches us that no matter how small we feel, each one of us has the power to change the world. And if so much damage can take such little effort, how much healing and positive energy can be created if we put our minds and hearts to it.