Friday, October 09, 2009

Woolly photoblogging…

My recent post, Autumn, and Sue’s post about it on Discombobula, generated all sorts of interest in the comments, so I thought I’d better post a few pictures…

Albums 010

This is the old village of Wool, looking along Spring Street (each house has its own little bridge over the Spring)

Albums 007

and here is the church where I worship, The Church of the Holy Rood (the building dates from the 14th century)


Where I live is more modern, though


but the view out the back is nice

Maggot Hill 006

Now, this is the view from Maggot Hill that I wrote about (picture taken in springtime…)

Stream (9)

and here’s the little stream at Giddy Green


but here be orcs!


(The boundary fence of UKAEA Winfrith)


and so, Back to the Light!


  1. How delightful your neighbourhood is! Thank you for sharing pictures of Wool, Giddy Green and Maggot Hill. I live in a section of Montreal called N.D.G. for Notre Dame de Grace or No Damn Good. It is named for a Dominican priory and church in the area. Unfortunately, the friars moved out and their friary is now a pricey condo complex. The church still stands. It is a lovely, residential district with ethnic variety and tree-covered streets. Compared to Wool, however, we are more Patina-on-Denim.

  2. NDG looks lovely, Barbara! Kind of a cross between Tunbridge Wells and Paris, if that makes any sense. (It does to me !)

  3. Nice photos, Mike. Thanks.

  4. Great photos Mike. Looks like there's opporunities for lots of nice walks. Thanks for sharing.