Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Francistide fun…

I'm just off to our Francistide Area Day at Hilfield Friary in a few minutes, so, damp chilly autumn though it is, my heart's singing with anticipation! I do love my sisters and brothers in the Third Order more than I can say—more, somehow, than I can properly explain to myself…


[picture courtesy of Ship of Fools]


  1. Enjoy, Michael F. I just had a look at their website - sounds like a wonderful group of people :)

  2. Francistide peace and blessings. I wish you all community and joy!

  3. Last night, I was exhausted from a rough week at work. My wife suggested I fdorego my SFO meeting.

    No way!

    Like you, I find the meetings the fellowship, invigorating ion ways I can't explain.

  4. Ahh, one of my favourite places on this planet. So peaceful.
    Pax et bonum.