Saturday, October 10, 2009

Francistide Area Day at Hilfield

It’s been a long day, but a marvellous one, at our TSSF Francistide Area meeting at Hilfield Friary. The midday Eucharist in Chapel was, as usual, incredibly moving, incorporating as it did our annual renewal of vows in the company of my dear sisters and brothers from across the Blackmore Vale Area.

We spent much of the day discussing the role of the Third Order in relation to the rest of the church, and to the First and Second Orders, and it was remarkable to see the way the Holy Spirit led the different groups—yes, group discussions!—to similar and interlocking conclusions. More of this later, when the results of this consultation throughout the Order are published…

Bedtime now – I’m tired in the best way!


  1. Sounds good. Will look forward to hearing what comes of it all.

  2. How wonderful. Rest well.

  3. Yes these are interesting times for tertiaries. Let's hope much good comes of our reflections on these things. I think an area that could be fruitful would be a Franciscan contribution to the Fresh Expressions movement. There is great interest in 'new monasticism' at the moment and I think TSSF has such a lot to give.

  4. Absolutely, Andy... and I can't help feel that there's more than a touch of that about the work that's going on at the Hilfield Project.