Saturday, October 10, 2009

Praying for Squirrels…

I couldn’t resist posting a quick link to a wonderful post on Episcopal Cafe

It is as if scales began to fall from my eyes just a bit. Who pauses to mourn a squirrel? To think anew about how we drive without care of our surrounds and those who inhabit them with us? There are countless millions of these pesky rodents. Yet, this squirrel was a fellow creature, a unique creation of flesh and blood whom God declared “good, indeed, very good.” He too is a subject of God’s care and concern in his own right irrespective of how he stands in relation to us human beings. God hears his “Holy, holy, holy” with our own, as the Psalmist reminds: “All thy works shall give thanks to thee, O Lord, and all thy saints shall bless thee!”

Do click over and read it—tremendously important stuff, really, not just about squirrels but about all of creation.

(Profound hat-tip to Lee at A Thinking Reed)

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  1. I was thinking this sort of thing before. There was a pigeon outside who somehow had ended up crumpled at the corner of where two outside walls of my house meet. It took me weeks to get out there and today I finally got my nerve up to go out and pick up his poor stiff little body and put it in a plastic bag in the rubbish.

    I was hoping to God as I did and also thinking at the same time abut the pragmatic nature of the world that something had seen some tasty pigeon eyes to eat and done just that. Yuk. So my prayer for this poor common thing was that God is the sort of God I believe him to be, the one who restores eyesight and eyes even to pigeons.