Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hell again...

Often hell is portrayed as a place of punishment and heaven as a place of reward. But this concept easily leads us to think about God as either a policeman, who tries to catch us when we make a mistake and send us to prison when our mistakes become too big, or a Santa Claus, who counts up all our good deeds and puts a reward in our stocking at
the end of the year.
God, however, is neither a policeman nor a Santa Claus. God does not send us to heaven or hell depending on how often we obey or disobey. God is love and only love. In God there is no hatred, desire for revenge, or pleasure in seeing us punished. God wants to forgive, heal, restore, show us endless mercy, and see us come home. But just as the father of the prodigal son let his son make his own decision God gives us the freedom to move away from God's love even at the risk of destroying ourselves. Hell is not God's choice. It is ours.

(With thanks to the Henri Nouwen Society)

I should commit this to memory, I think, as a gentle and merciful reply to people who say, "I could never believe in a God who would damn people for all eternity just because they did something wrong, or just because they were brought up in a different religion..."


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Right on Mike.
God gets a bad rap for a human innovation.