Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who you really are…

“I will give them hidden manna and a white stone—a stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.” (Revelation 2:17)

God gives you two names: yours and God’s. Listen for that place deep within where God has given you God’s own name; that name lovers reveal to one another in intimate moments, where God has told you who God is uniquely for you. It’s unlike anybody else’s experience of God. How could it not be? You reflect a part of God that no one else will ever reflect. You reflect back to God a part of the human mystery that no one else can fully understand, and they don’t need to.

It takes awhile; it takes some listening, some silence, some suffering, probably. It takes some waiting, desiring; it takes some hoping. But finally we discover that place where we know who we are, and then God’s deepest will is written in our very genes and our deepest desiring. All God wants back from you is who you really are! All you need to do is return the white stone that was given to you—as it is.

This big/small self is not egocentric, self absorbed, or individualistic at all, but he knows that he is everyman and she knows that she is everywoman.

Richard Rohr, from his Daily Meditations email.

The light pleating
               the rain. Coming from Hitchin
               the way twisted under some

trees & I met there the Shining One. No
conversation or investment followed, the
rain was incessant; there was a completely
steady flow of change. The damp was ionised,

               with charges slipping down quite
               unmatched paths, it was a most
               beautiful and painless night.


JH Prynne, from Into the Day (1972)


  1. Wow, Mike, that poem! It made my heart go all funny and then ache!

  2. Good, isn't it? I just love Jeremy Prynne's poems... well, most of them anyway...