Thursday, September 17, 2009

Required Reading

If you read nothing else today, read Susan Pitchford's post Too Catholic (for the Protestants), Too Protestant (for the Catholics) on her blog, Florilegium.

She says, ‘Lately I’ve been beset by a raging case of denomination fatigue. It’s been said that Jesus holds the record for the longest-running unanswered prayer in history: “That they all may be one” (John 17:21). How he longed and prayed for the unity of his followers, and how we have broken his heart over and over ever since. Like many others, I’ve had the gift of grieving with him over our pathetic divisions, and while I used to feel the purest pain over it, lately I’m getting more and more fed up.’

Do read the rest of it!


Ken Eck said...

Mike, Thanks for the link to Susan's site. I rather like living in the 'border country'. It can be frustrating at times but it can also be quite fun.
We are off to Hilfield tomorrow for the Stigmata festival, can you get there?

Mike Farley said...

Agreed about the border lands - did you read my post Liminal a while ago?

Yes, I'll be at Hilfield tomorrow - I'll look out for you! (May have to leave early, as I'm getting a lift with someone from my local group who has to get back to abandoned friends...)

Ken Eck said...

Great, I'll look for the Richard Rohr lookalike and you look for the bald bloke! See you tomorrow.

Mike Farley said...

"Richard Rohr lookalike..." missing beard now, but still... ;-)