Friday, January 23, 2009

A sad day...

We have finally had to give in and rehome our poor beautiful Lulu. She was so unhappy living with the kittens, spending all her time swearing at them and lashing out at them. She was miserable, and they were getting very frightened of her, so this morning we took her to the RSPCA rehoming centre. We both feel terrible, but it was the only solution, that or rehoming the kittens - but they get on so well with dear old Figgy, and Lulu really didn't. She needs to be an only cat... what she'd like above all is to live quietly with one or two people, with a warm lap to snuggle on, and no other cats to make her feel insecure. The very nice people at the RSPCA will let us know how she gets on...

But we'll miss her. She was such a character, and always waiting by the front door when we came in, purring and winding around our ankles. I know it's best for her, and for the kittens, but it hurts...


  1. Oh, I wish you lived here. Quiet Husband and I disagree on the (my) need for a cat, and Lulu looks like the perfect compromise kitty. May she find a family who will love her as much as I would.

  2. These decisions are hard. I am sure you did the best thing for all.

    May Lulu find an ideal home.

  3. Oh, so hard. I am sorry. It sounds like you did the right thing for all the felines involved, though, and have nice rehoming people who will make sure Lulu finds the home she needs.

    Hugs to you all across the Atlantic!

    The word verification is "sketify" !! Sounds like the verb that goes with "skete." How appropriate.

  4. I am so sorry to hear this but it is what you had to do.

    Many prayers and more for you all.

  5. I am trying to suppress my "kitteh" hunger. It is somewhat like the "clock ticking" for women who yearn to have children. I think it best to wait until I return from a visit to Japan which will come later this year. I am sure there are others like me who could provide a warm and secure and loving home for Lulu. She's just the kind of kitteh I would want to adopt. I will pray she finds a good new home.

  6. Thank you, everyone... GG, I wish you and QH could have met Lulu - it might have been a happy thing for you all!

    Already the kittens, and Figgy, are more relaxed. Dear old Figgy, who must be 15 at least, is playing happily with the little ones, and they obviously feel as though a great weight had lifted from their little furry lives.

    I'm really going to miss Lulu - but we are so sure that we did the right thing, not only for the three here, but for Lulu herself, ultimately. I just hope she gets settled quickly, and doesn't miss us too much!

  7. Oh Mike, how sad :( This sort of thing feels so hard to handle.

    Have you heard anything from the RSPCA yet?

  8. Nothing yet, Sue, but they did say to give them 10 days to get her settled in, complete her vet checks, and so on. Then they'll put her on their list of cats awaiting adopion, and then we'll see how she goes. Do hope she finds some very good people very very soon!