Thursday, January 08, 2009

Prayers for Ruby…

Our kitten Ruby is at the vets tonight: in the morning she is having one of her eyes removed, having been attacked by a local cat on the first day of her first oestrus. (We had been advised not to have the kittens spayed till after their first heat.)

Please pray for the poor fluffy scrap, that she will come through the operation as well as possible, and that she will not be too upset being alone – this will be the first night the two sisters have spent apart in all their short lives…



  1. Saying a prayer for Ruby.

  2. Poor kitty! Prayers coming!

  3. Oh, poor sweet thing! Sending prayers.

  4. Oh no!!! Ruby, prayers in abundance for this dear kitten and for all of you Mike.

    Our dog Gracie had her eye operated on yesterday, she has some kind of ulceration on it. She sends her prayers to Ruby and thanks you for what comes in return. (Her photo is up at my other blog.)

    Please let us know how Ruby is!