Saturday, September 06, 2008

The little lark...

Above all birds [St. Francis] loved the little lark, known in the language of the country as lodola capellata (the hooded lark). He used to say of it, "Sister lark has a hood like a Religious and is a humble bird, for she walks contentedly along the road to find grain, and even if she finds it among the rubbish, she pecks it out and eats it."

With thanks to Portiuncula

I love St. Francis' way of calling the animals, and indeed all creation, his sister and brother. I cannot think of them any other way myself, and their joy and their pain is my joy and my pain too. I remember feeling that way when I was very young - but it was not until God led me deeper into prayer that I recovered those feelings, purer and deeper now, and less changeable. Lord, keep me always close to all the wonders you have made, and keep my heart always open to my sister and brother creatures, whoever they are.

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  1. What a beautiful post Mike.

    Is it that I am named for Francis? Is it that I love the birds? All animals?

    Who knows, but I love how Francis (taking a word from your other post) knows to gaze upon creation with a heart filled with expansive love.

    This is the love that means integrity and wholeness.

    Aaah... all of creation, what a beautiful thing.