Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A little embarrassing...

This is where I show up my British reticence, not to mention my INFP inability to handle compliments...

Twice now I've been given this award - the first time I couldn't bring myself to mention it, still less pass it on. Sorry, Episcopollyanna - no way to treat a lady's award!

Now, Tandaina's gone and done it again.
What I've been given is this:     ExcellentBlog

Thank you, both, truly. I'm all overcome...

Now, I shall have to nominate just a couple of people, I think, or else half the blogosphere. So,

Gartenfische, for one of the most beautiful blogs out there.


Kelly, who will probably be as embarrassed as I was, for perhaps the most truly Franciscan blog I know.


Kelly Joyce Neff said...

God bless you Mike, I'm speechless!Fellow INFP, I never take compliments or awards well either. My way to handle things is usually to make a joke, so I will make one here: your British comment reminded me of a sign in our local chippie (which is full of Toby mugs and other kitsch); it says:
US: Pass the ketchup
UK: Sorry
US:Exucse me
UK: Sorry
US: Thanks
UK: Sorry
US: Which way is the bus?
UK Sorry

You get the idea. It makes me laugh every time I see it because it is true.
But thank you very much.

Fran said...

Well deserved- when I saw that Tandaina had done this I thought "simply perfect!"

Bravo - this blog has quickly become a balm for my spirit. I thank God and I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike, Thank you for this honor. I feel humbled. I too have a hard time accepting compliments. I always feel happy when someone honors me with an award like this one, but then I don't really want to put it on my blog. Feels too much like bragging. But I also feel sort of obligated. . . . Oh, I never know what to do.

Blessings, and thank you!

Jane R said...

Hurrah. I'm an ESFJ or ISFJ, more like E/ISFJ at this point (right on the border, moved from much more on the E side) so I can say things like hurrah and hooray and good for you and well deserved... all true! No British reticence here, but we Yanks have to keep up our reputation ;-). Though you'd be amazed how many INFPs there are in these parts, or maybe I just know all of them from being in the religion biz. Many spiritual directors and therapists and not a few priests are INFPs.

And Gartenfische, I am just becoming acquainted with your blog though I have seen you and references to you on other blogs. I can see that I have delights before me, and for this I thank you in advance.

Jan said...

Your posting of this also motivated me to dredge it up. Thanks for showing your excellence AND for commenting so fortuitously about the Jesus Prayer!