Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wrong kind of silence?

Sorry for the gap in transmission - I had a really busy week last week, which was topped off with a hard disk failure. Just what was needed. Today, after an expensive visit to the computer shop, I now have a brand new hard disk, with some much-needed extra capacity too. Then of course I had to sit down and reinstall everything, including all those dear little drivers, and then copy over all my backed-up data. Thank goodness for Google Browser Sync - I hadn't lost all my bookmarks and passwords either. So no despair, just tedium... well, at least I didn't have to reinstall all those odd little bits of software I now no longer use, but never could bear to uninstall, so things are a bit tidier too.

Fortunately, with Gmail, I was able to keep in touch with people... but blogging had to go on hold for a while. I'll try and post a few thoughts later on this week about living in the country. Not Labradors and blackberries, but what the church is in places like this, and maybe what it could be...

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Kelly Joyce Neff said...

Labradors and blackberries are not out of place, along with the chat about country churches.
welcome back online!