Friday, October 21, 2005

Just off to Scotland...

Just off to Scotland tomorrow for a Vineyard meeting. I’ll be back next week, and I want to explore further this sense I have that God is bringing to birth things in some of us through difficult times, things we’d have been all too willing to ascribe to attacks, oppression, call it what you will.

This from a word from Musa Opiyo ( –

For many of you have been in the desert where you have been tried and tested by My Spirit. You have come to know that it is “not by might or by power but only by My Spirit” that you can live, breathe and have your being. You have, by experience, come to know My Spirit as your Sustainer and your source of Strength. That I AM your Provision. That I AM your everything. Yes, you have come to understand the concept of Me being the vine and you being the branches and the fact that without Me you are disconnected and without stable ground. It has not been easy, but I have led you by My wisdom as you simply trusted in My ability to lead you day by day...

As I quoted the other day from Teresa Seputis (Linked – Saturday 15 October) –

If you watch and see what I am doing in your life, you will notice a pattern as I put you into the same type of faith-producing situation over and over again. I am explaining it to you clearly so that you don't become confused and think you are under the attack of the enemy. Understand that this is My hand upon you to cause your faith to grow and not an attack of the enemy. So instead of looking to war in the spirit, cooperate with Me in the area of trusting Me and stepping out in faith.

There have been several other words, documents and so on that have turned up over the last fortnight that convince me that this is definitely something God is wanting to being not just to my attention (he’s got that all right...) but perhaps to the wider community of prayer?

More of this next week...

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