Friday, June 15, 2007

This Is the Part

Just found a wonderful poem over at Shannon's Finding Grace Within.

I won't spoil it by posting bits of it here - just head on over and read it, now! It should be inserted as a foreword in every textbook on listening, and read at the beginning of every listening skills course...

I've just discovered Shannon's blog, by the way - great stuff - should be in everyone's feed reader. I only wish I lived near enough to invite her for a coffee!


  1. Mike, thank you for the kind words. Working in prison has shifted so many things for me, even listening.

    A cup of coffee would be nice--but there's the distance! Blessings on the internet that makes good conversations possible.

  2. Hallo Shannon! Thanks for stopping by... Yes, it's a good thing, this internet. Saves on stamps, too ;-)

    Blessings & things