Friday, June 01, 2007

Late as usual...

I've just read a really wonderful post, a homily by Jane Redmont, over at Acts of Hope, on the Visitation.

"Remember what Mary says in this Gospel: God is doing mighty things for lowly people. A woman will be called blessed forever, though she lives in a world where men rule. The mighty are deposed from their thrones. The poor and the hungry are not just satisfied, they are heard and remembered.

I think this woman is talking about a revolution."

Yes! Oh thank you Jane! No one I've read has put it quite so well...


  1. How very kind of you! Glad the homily (twenty years old as it is) found some resonance with you, and that I dug it up for this year's Visitation. (As you saw, it was originally a homily for 4 Advent.)

    I look forward to reading your blog. Thank you so much for visiting mine. Peace to you.

  2. Thank you Jane... Most good to meet you!