Friday, August 04, 2006

Compton Durville...

where I was on retreat, is the main UK House of the Community of St Francis, the 1st Order for women. Their website says, "The Community of St Francis is an Anglican Religious Order of sisters living together in community under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Following Christ in the way of St Francis, we seek to live a simple life inspired by the Gospel, recognising in all people the image of God who created each of us, accepting all as our brothers and sisters. We offer hospitality and welcome on this basis to groups and individuals, women and men, of any faith or none and all denominations who have respect for our way of life... For individuals we can provide a comfortable, quiet, friendly place to stay on retreat, for a few days ‘away from it all’, somewhere to relax, somewhere to work, somewhere to study, somewhere to pray or somewhere to spend time with God... Sisters are often available to spend time with individuals or groups for retreats, talks, spiritual direction, prayer guidance, or simply to offer a listening ear."

Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures I took to remember the place by... The first one shows the convent nestling in the Somerset countryside, and the second the great Tau Cross in the main chapel, that came to be such a focus for so much of the week...


  1. Mike - You have summed up in your retreat posts so much of what I've been struggling to articulate about my recent time at Compton Durville. I've barely been back a fortnight and yet...How to keep that sense of stillness and space. What a challenge. Thank God for places like that and for the First, Second and Third Orders.

  2. Absolutely, Mr M!

    It continues - never have I felt so grateful for the wise & loving care of my spiritual director (who also happens to be my Novice Guardian) and just for being part of this whole Franciscan thing...

    As you say, thank God for our three Orders!