Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The always interesting Lutheran Chik has an excellent post where she says:

Those of us in the broad catholic tradition of Christianity have a gift, in the daily disciplines of our praxis, to offer other Christians who've become jaded by pop-Christian novelty and splash, who just need to be fed spiritually, in good square meals that have staying power. Bread is back; as Christ feeds us through Word and Sacrament and prayer, let's invite others to join us.

Oh yes, absolutely! Reminds me so strongly of just how whole and wholesome it felt to come back to the Anglican church after those years away... truly it is so necessary that we are here, that we remain here, and that we refuse, gently but very firmly, to listen to those well-intentioned voices that tell us to accommodate ourselves more closely to the Zeitgeist. I am always struck by the fact that (with honourable exceptions!) so much of the really courageous discipleship, the truly Christlike stuff, the everyday grace and presence of our risen Lord, seems to often to be found in "the broad catholic tradition of Christianity" rather than in some of the more cutting-edge expressions of church!

We need in any case to be prepared to be there as a refuge, an anchor; even if we never actually attract those hungry souls LC mentions as regular worshippers, we're there if and when they need us... and they need, if nothing else, to know that!

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