Friday, June 30, 2006

Back again!

Another of my long lacunae, I'm afraid... we've been doing major house tidyings and so forth, and preparing for the village fĂȘte one weekend and the church fĂȘte the next! One way or another I just haven't got to my desk more than to check emails...

We've planted a few new plants in the garden - a couple of Buddleias, a red shamrock, a couple of Osteospermums - and repopulated the planters and tubs. Should've done all this ages ago, but our hearts weren't in it in the early spring. Somehow we're coming back into bloom ourselves now - Jan especially is blinking in the light like a woman on a train that's just emerged from a long tunnel. I feel like dancing to see her - but all I seem to manage is to be grumpy about all this house rearrangement and so on. I guess I'm a bit like a cat in that respect - things may not be perfect, but I hate 'em being shook up...

Strange, I seem somehow to cope better - more graciously anyway - with adversity than I do with blessing. Maybe I feel I know what's coming with adversity!

I've finally managed to arrange a retreat - going away for 8 days at Compton Durville at the end of July. Somehow I guess I need silence and stillness like a plant needs water, and so much has happened over the last year, or less than a year, that the need has become acute, just to allow things to settle out if nothing else. Do pray that nothing will happen to prevent my going, and that Jan will be well enough that I can leave her without worrying!

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