Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Walsingham 950

On the Diocese of Exeter website you’ll find a superb sermon by Bishop Michael Langrish on Walsingham 950. Do read it all the way through, even if you think you may not be going to agree with him!


  1. Greetings MikeF,

    I do peek into Mercy Blog once in a while, but my commenting has dried up. Hope all goes well with you.

    The sermon was inspiring as you promised. I can only surmise the 'sadness' referred to is in honoring Our Lady and appearing 'too orthodox or too catholic?'

    If so, that is sad for I thought we Catholics and Anglicans were in high agreement on devotion and respect for Mary. Still there are many Catholics who have marginalized Mary (abandoned the Rosary, etc) for foolish reasons.

    At any rate let us pray for each other and in doing so Our Lady will be well pleased.

    Peace and all good.
    P.S. I must read more on Walsingham 950 as this is new to me.

  2. Good to hear from you, TS... I'm a poor commenter myself, I fear, and so I'm always very grateful for the ones I do receive! The main Walsingham portal is here if you haven't found it yet - a beautiful ecumenical introduction to 'England's Nazareth'".