Friday, October 29, 2010


I’m sorry there have been so few posts on the Mercy Blog recently. Moving has meant lots to do, most of it good, some of it very good! I’ve been settling into my new church, exploring the town, getting the new flat to rights, and helping the cats settle into a new neighbourhood, not to mention seeing friends, and going places, and generally finding my feet in a new place and new circumstances.

I’ve had the chance, too, to think about The Mercy Blog, and what it’s for. It never was intended to be a chatty, slightly confessional account of day-to-day events (“Bought a new phone today – way cool! And I had the just best supper ever. I cooked beans, and rice, and…”). Not that I’ve anything against blogs like that, but it just isn’t me, somehow…

I think maybe The Mercy Blog should stop trying to be quite so regular in posting, and wait till it really has something to say. I’ve been thinking of a series of longer articles, looking seriously at this whole issue of contemplative and intercessory prayer, and why they are occasionally seen as mutually exclusive, or at least one is seen as somehow “better” than the other. This bothers me, since as I’ve said before, I see them as inextricably linked through the love, and mercy, and presence, of Christ… So watch this space. I’ll try not to keep you waiting unreasonably long!


Daily Grace said...

I have several blogs I look at from time to time, and then there are those that I look forward to reading regularly. Your blog is one that I look forward to reading regularly because you inspire, encourage and challenge my way of thinking.

With that being said, however regular the postings will be, they will be worth the wait.

God bless you and all of your new surroundings.

Sue said...

I agree with Daily Grace. Your blog, Mike, is just simply one of my favourites :)

In actual fact, I was thinking about you yesterday, and wondering how you were going, and thinking that I hadn't seen any posts for a while. And I know there is a general sort of a "hurry up and keep blogging regularly" thing that goes on in blogging. There is a fear that if we stop blogging as regularly, that our readers will die off (as mine have). And yet, I don't want to be driven by the desire to continually blog because that's the done thing, and because I want to keep my readership boosted. And somehow, I feel like your thoughts to write less regularly is somehow a good one.

Having said that, I really do miss reading here :)

kam said...

Whatever you have to do. I understand completly the challange of bringing what's going on in our hearts and minds to 'paper'. Always look forward to your posts, whenever they will be. k