Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Lord of co-incidence...

It is necessary that we find God, and God cannot be found in noise and unpeace... See how Nature - trees, flowers and grass - grow in stillness; how stars, moon and sun run their course in silence. The more we receive through quiet prayer, the more we can give in the activity of our daily lives. In essence, it is not what we say, but what God says to us and through us. All our words are useless if they do not come from within. Words that do not carry the light of Christ only increase the darkness.

Mother Teresa, with thanks to inward/outward

Talking with a friend over coffee this morning, we were discussing how we could know whether we had been given, or even whether we would be given, a word for someone for whom we were praying. Only a few minutes earlier, another friend and I had been discussing after mid-week Communion how we could be certain whether we had heard from God, or merely from our own hopes and fears, when we felt we had received from God a solution to an issue we'd been praying about. I arrived home to find this quote in my inbox, one of the regular ministry emails from inward/outward. God is not only Lord of Heaven and earth, he is Lord of co-incidence as well!


  1. For me, when I've really HEARD God, as opposed to my own inner voice, the two experiences left me physically breathless. The first time nearly put me to my knees and did bring me to tears. It was the utterance to my inner self of the word 'love'. One word, springing into my mind from nowhere, stopping me in my tracks right in the middle of a crowded work area. The only other time was in Adoration, with the two sentences, 'Go deeper', and 'Do not be lukewarm.' Again, I cannot really discribe my reaction, there isn't anything like it. The world stops around you. Then you know it is Him.

  2. Thank you, KAM.

    "The world stops around you. Then you know it is Him." YES! Most beautifully put!