Monday, June 08, 2009

Living within the liturgy…

Learn how to meditate on paper. Drawing and writing are forms of meditation. Learn how to contemplate works of art. Learn how to pray in the streets or in the country. Know how to meditate not only when you have a book in your hand but when you are waiting for a bus or riding in a train. Above, all, enter into the Church's liturgy and make the liturgical cycle part of your life—let its rhythm work its way into your body and soul.

Thomas Merton. New Seeds of Contemplation, New Directions Press, 1961, p.216.

Back at Holy Rood, I am coming once again to appreciate that sense of the liturgical year as a place to live, and in which to work out one’s own path, within that open space of the Church’s life and worship over all these years.

I’m returning to Hilfield Friary for a few days tomorrow. I’ll try and catch up when I return…


  1. Mr Gnome sends repectful greetings, thanks you for your comment regarding 'Gumption' and wishes you well in your blogging.

  2. I haven't been around any blogs for awhile and more specifically yours, because I thought you were taking a break. Glad you're still around!

  3. hi mike. i came across your blog by way of webbed hand records. i truly love your music. it would be great to talk to you some time.

    in Christ,
    andrew latham