Sunday, September 23, 2007

I get it...

Kelly Joyce Neff, over at Fioretta, has a just wonderful post all about the necessity of the Church, and how God uses the institutions of the Church to hold us, and keep us, despite our wanderings - like the paths of a labyrinth bring us at last to the still centre.

Actually, I'm not doing justice to Kelly's post. Just click over there and read it... now, before you forget!

Her closing words are priceless: "I was a little nonplussed at first at all this passion and traditio and Mozart's great C Minor Mass thundering in the back of my mind - I sound like such a conservative! - but, amid all the imagery, good and bad, glorious and ignoble. there was our little man of Assisi, smiling gently. Yes, Blessed Father Francis, I get it."


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Kelly Joyce Neff said...

thank you, MIke!
May the Lord give you Peace!
=) kelly