Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I did promise to post a picture of Figgy, the contemplative cat. This is she, in typical pose! (I hate to admit it, but that's my desk in typical pose as well...)

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  1. Very beautiful cat with a great name. Your desk looks uncluttered and neat to me.

  2. She looks like the cat in an ikon of Julian of Norwich that I see quite a bit. Indeed, a very thoughtful feline.

  3. Figgy will be very flattered to be compared to Julian's cat... she & I are great fans of Mother J!

  4. Oh m y goodness, she looks like my girlkitty---well, a skinnier version of my girlkitty! I will post this picture by girlkitty's bowl as inspiration!

    (I'm not really a blogger person, I'm
    http://theiceflue.typepad.com, the little blog where black kitties reign supreme~

  5. Figgy looks to be in a state of discomfiture, but then you said it is her typical pose. Nice kitty!